Monday, October 10, 2005

Maybe Tomorrow

On Saturday, drummer Mike Gibbins passed away in his sleep. Gibbins was the drummer of British rockers - Badfinger.

Originally known as The Iveys, the band signed with The Beatles' Apple Records. Prior to signing with Apple Records, The Iveys had performed live with such bands as The Who and The Yardbirds. Their first single was the sappy "Maybe Tomorrow." Despite having an endorsement from the Fab Four and the song sounding cut from the same cloth as many of The Beatles' poppier tunes, "Maybe Tomorrow" failed to have much success on the pop charts.

Deciding a style change was needed, The Iveys changed from being mods to rockers, and changed their band name to Badfinger, passing on McCartney's suggested "Home" and Lennon's "Prix." The band achieved success with the McCartney penned "Come and Get It" as well as "Without You" and "No Matter What".

The band continued recording into the 1970s with their original lineup, until guitarist Peter Ham committed suicide in 1975. Gibbins also left the group after Ham's suicide. From that point, there were attempts to continue, adding Stealers Wheel's drummer and Tony Kaye from Yes, but in 1983 longtime bandmember Tom Evans also committed suicide and the band was no more.

The story of Badfinger is one of the more tragic ones in rock history. With Gibbins' recent passing, lets go back to a happier, more optimistic time in the bands history - back when they were simply The Iveys.

The Iveys
"Maybe Tomorrow"

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hello dr. moshe...may i request you to re-upload Maybe Tomorrow on another host, like rapidshare or another (cannot download via megaupload here in the philippines)...this song happens to be one of my favorites during my elementary days...thanks for your kindness

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