Saturday, October 29, 2005

An Experimented Terror

Before I get into today's post, I want to send a shout out to Cassidin and the rest of the posters at After a thread was posted on their message board yesterday, Medicinal Music received a large amount of hits from their site, setting record number of unique hits in one day! I'm not very familiar with the 1960s garage/psych/punk Spanish rock scene, so if you any of you guys have any suggestions, please send them to

Medicinal Music's Halloween special continues today with a song that, while not having any connection to the hallmark figures of Halloween, surely could induce nightmares into the many. "An Experimented Terror" by The Greek Fountains is a four minute schizophrenia-inducing instrumental. The Greek Fountains hailed from Louisiana State University, whose founding members included Casey Kelly. For more about Casey Kelly's career, be sure to check out his website.

Starting with some simple keys and basic drumming, that increases and decreases tempo throughout the song, "An Experimental Terror" seems innocent enough. It isn't until about a minute into the song, when echoing and layer enter the fray, that the song starts getting a little out there. With random musical phrasing inserted at various points of the song and other strange sounds, this instrumental sounds like the inner-monologue of a crazed musician.

The final minute or so of the song is full of musical phrasing, sounds of studio tape rewinding, and some very eerie backwards moaning. The song finally ends as it began, with that, now-haunting, drums and keys combo. After listening to the song on repeat as I wrote this, I feel like I need to check myself into a psychiatric hospital (or at least sleep with a light on).

The Greek Fountains
"An Experimented Terror"


guapo said...

I think it`s really rather pleasant!

Dr. Moshe said...

Yeah, reminds me of Red Krayola. I just was writing hyperbolically for the halloween season. Really dug that Bob Ridgely song you posted!

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