Monday, October 03, 2005

I am looking at the back of my eyelids

Medicinal music is back after a fun-filled three day weekend, and this week will consist of some some songs that are on the edge of sanity. Many garage and psychedelic bands in the 1960s took the sentiments of revolution, spirituality, and freedom into the studio, experimenting with recording methods and instruments to bring listeners something new. I, for one, can't get enough of these zany songs.

Today takes us to southern California, 1967. Brain consisted of Michael Giles, Peter Giles, Allan Azern, and Michael Blakesley. Their only single was "Kick the Donkey", with a trippy b-side, "Nightmares In Red." A year later, the brothers Giles would join Robert Fripp, to form Giles, Giles, & Fripp (pictured above), with Fripp and Michael Giles forming prog-rock legends, King Crimson a year later.

"Nightmare In Red" opens with a seemingly innocent, albeit a little creepy, piano before exploding in to a, um, 'nightmare' of noise, consisting of trombone, guitar, bass, and crashing drums. Shortly, the 'nightmare' subsides (ok, this is my last 'nightmare reference and I apologize for the first two) the piano returns for the verse. The pattern of simplistic piano and chaotic playing gives the song a nice tension and release dynamic.

"Nightmares In Red"


jennabeeb said...

Great tune..known it for a long time thanks to the Rubbles series originally

Anonymous said...

Can you re-upload this? I am currently writing a grad school project on Mike Giles and would love to hear this early clip. Thanks!

Anonymous said...