Thursday, September 22, 2005

I woke up this morning and I didn't feel so good.

With Hurricane Rita closing in on the Houston, Texas area, I thought it would be appropriate to cover one of Texas' many contributions to the mid-late 1960s psych/garage scene - The Moving Sidewalks. Formed in 1966, The Moving Sidewalks were influenced by fellow Texans - Thirteen Floor Elevators and their single "You're Gonna Miss Me." This inspiration led to their debut single "99th Floor," a title paying homage to the Elevators.

The influence of the Thirteen Floor Elevators can be heard in the recording of "99th Floor," as evident in Bill Gibbons' wailing vocals, the distorted rhythm guitar, and the utilization of the harmonica. The Moving Sidewalks' blues influence is also heard in the song's guitar solo.

"99th Floor" achieved some local chart success for The Moving Sidewalks, although the song failed to catch on nationwide. The band gained some success through covering The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" as well as supporting Jimi Hendrix during his band's 1968 tour of Texas. After a few band members left for Vietnam, Bill Gibbons and The Moving Sidewalks called it a day in 1969. This would not be the last Texas and the world would hear of Bill Gibbons - later that year, Gibbons hooked up with Dusty Hill and Frank Beard to form ZZ Top.

The Moving Sidewalks
"99th Floor"

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