Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday on My Mind

Known as the "Australian Beatles," The Easybeats made their first mark on the UK music scene in 1966 with "Friday On My Mind." The song, recorded with Kinks producer Shel Tamly, even caught the attention of actual-Beatle Paul McCartney, who, legend has it, heard the song while driving and pulled over to call the station to find out whose song it was.

When listening to the song, its not hard to hear what sparked McCartney's attention. The universally relatable lyrics, racing guitar, and Beatle-esque backing vocals make this song two minutes and forty three seconds of pure Australian bliss.

Although The Easybeats only lasted five years, they managed to score fifteen Top 40 hits in Australia. David Bowie showed his love for "Friday" by covering The Easybeats' tune on his 1974 Pin Ups album. In 2001, The Australian Performing Rights Association rated "Friday On My Mind" as Australia's best song of all time. Not bad for a bunch of guys singing about Friday.

For more information about The Easybeats, check out this very informative website.

The Easybeats
"Friday On My Mind"

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