Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Other Half

Since I've had my fill of Thanksgiving turkey and annoying mall shoppers (the holiday season seems to bring out the stupidity in people), I've decided its about time to return to Medicinal Music. A random maintenance notice: I've been getting some complaints about the downloading speeds @, if any readers have suggestions of similar uploading sites, please leave them in the comments section, or email me at

The Other Half was a California based garage/psych band from the mid-1960s. Featuring former members of Sons of Adam, including future Blue Cheer guitarist Randy Holden, the band is best known for their gritty contribution to the famous Nuggets compilation -"Mr. Pharmacist." But instead of covering their not-so-subtle ode to their drug dealer, today Medicinal Music will cover their ode to a girl with long black hair, aptly titled "Girl With The Long Black Hair."

"Girl With The Long Black Hair" owes more to the British r&b bands of the time than the acid drenched California psychedelic scene the band was immersed in. Lead singer Jeff Nowlen approaches the song with less abrasive bravado than "Mr. Pharmacist," instead singing in a subdued, yet assertive tone. Holden peppers the song with electric guitar licks, and the rest of the band fills out the song with some great backing vocals.

The Other Half
"Girl With The Long Black Hair"


Anonymous said...

Cool post, I've always liked The Ohter Half.

Megaupload sometimes works at a decent speed and then sometimes it takes forever to download just one song.

I hear that Turboload is very fast, hence the name.

Probably the easiest to use is YouSendIt, which is the same place that Schlocker uses for his mp3's on his blog. YouSendIt has less pop-ups than Megaupload, less errors, and usually works at a decent speed.

But this Other Half clip worked at a regular speed for me today. So, don't worry about it too much, if someone wants to hear a song from a blog, they should be willing to wait.

Keep up the good work doctor.

AK said...

Yeah, what that person said.

The Baz said...

I have been using sendspace to upload and share my files and this works very well indeed with no problems at all. Its at If you register then you can monitor the uploads. Hope you find this useful... keep up the great work on yer blog!

guapo said...

I have tried "sendmefile". I found it to be pretty good. I use "" now. It costs $3 a month so it hardly breaks the bank.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that this song is basically I'm Not Your Stepping Stone?

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Anonymous said...

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tabularasa said...

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